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Sage Sacramento is a boutique recruiting and consultancy firm specializing in finding the best talent for the insurance and insurtech industries


We love what we do and it shows

In this age of online applications, algorithms, SEO words, and AI screening, today's recruiting does not see the person beyond the resume. Our team realizes that soft skills, potential and attitude are almost as important as experience and education, and it takes a personal connection to identify them. Sage Sacramento was established with the goal of maintaining a long term relationships with job seekers, not only identifying their next move but putting them on a career path.


We are aware there is a shortage of talented professionals in the benefits and risk management fields and rely on creativity and hard work to overcome it. Sage Sacramento partners with hiring teams to build their teams through face to face meetings, on-site visits, referrals and networking. 


We don’t just offer someone who can do the job, but someone who can fit into your company culture, gel with your team, climb your ladder and represent you to your clients.

When we call a candidate, chances are it was through a referral or recommendation. We believe that good people know good people and an introduction will open doors that remain shut to others.




We utilize a number of strategies including extensive networking, following industry news, actively participating in Insurance groups, and using social media to get in front of those passive candidates. We are not just in it for the short-term, instead we build long lasting relationships with clients and candidates so that every move made is the best one for the company, the team and the candidate.


We work with schools and colleges throughout California to show the advantages of a career in this field. We career path those who are in other disciplines to gain the licenses, skills and experience that are in hot demand at brokerages, TPAs and carrier. We strategize with those further down their career path to ensure that their ambitions are met.

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